Walking beyond 26 Miles

2 min readJan 1, 2022

In September 2021, I walked 26 miles to fundraise for Blue Dragon’s Children Foundation. I am grateful for everyone’s donation and want to briefly share why your support matters.

I have known about Blue Dragon for a long time and volunteered briefly in 2015. The Hanoi-based organization helps street kids and families in crises and rescues people from slavery and human trafficking throughout Vietnam.

While inspired by its impact, I have never only remembered the organization through numbers or reports.

For me, Blue Dragon has always been about extraordinary stories of people who make a difference — simply because they care. I have heard stories of staff who spent their days delivering food and support for families who are in lockdown and nights calling for donations they know will make an impact. I have known street kids who come full circle — who become social workers themselves to help children in crisis. I have seen youth who showed up first time to then return to a place that treats them with respect and without judgment. I have watched kids who come out of their shell to start dancing, laughing, making art, performing.

A drawing by one of the Blue Dragon’s kids from 2015.

There’s staff who goes out to the most remote places in rural Vietnam to meet with families worried about human trafficking, who spends nights away from families to rescue street kids, who goes to court and fundraises, who answers messages and picks up calls, who sits down and gives hugs and stays, despite how difficult and complex it could be to help. Thanks to them, tens of thousands of children and families have thus escaped from human trafficking, had a home and an education, started their livelihoods, earned an income.

I marveled at the depth, simplicities, and then complexities of kindness when thinking about Blue Dragon. It is a home that belongs to everyone and chooses to find the good in children and youth who sometimes have given up hope in themselves.

It has taught me in the first place that every child deserves to be at the center of someone’s universe. When it comes to Blue Dragon, I find it easy to keep walking.

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